Sky Quality Monitoring

I regularly use a “Sky Quality Meter” made by Unihedron.  This nifty little handheld device measures the sky brightness in visual magnitudes per square arcsecond. Here is a plot of data taken from Xanadu Observatory.  The measurements were taken at approximately 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. local time (0400 – 0500 UTC) when possible.  I typically… Continue reading »

The Beauty of Planet Earth

A massage therapist works on the muscles and soft tissues that cause pain to you. In fact they care less whether you have not shaven in a week or in a lifetime. You find that some people feel uncomfortable when lying on the massage parlor and will even go all the way to apologize for not shaving. The point here is, when you get to that room, don’t feel shame or shy off because no nuru massage therapist cares about your chest hair, leg hair, or armpit hair.

I got the babysitting club job of a lifetime when I was 15 years old. I was babysitting in a beautiful home loaded with great snacks and the pay was great. While the kids were eating the dinner I prepared, I told my friend on the phone how much I wanted to make this a permanent job. The kids were clearly listening. After they ate, they kept asking to do things. When I said no, they said their “usual babysitter” always let them. Not wanting to upset the children and lose the gig to the “usual babysitter” I allowed them to do everything they wanted. When their parents came home, they said how grateful they were to find me, since I was the first babysitter they hired since their children were born. I got played.

How to Get a Job Working at an Observatory

The Primary Observatory Jobs The majority of the people working at observatories are going to be the astronomers themselves. However, there will also be support positions and technician positions at observatories. There are also community outreach positions and educational positions at many observatories, and plenty of people will try to get these. Observatories are great… Continue reading »