Our Misson

Our website is dedicated and committed to our observatory to the Cosmos. What does this entail? For us, it meant launching a website that could link anyone interested in the Cosmos with our observatory. It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, black or white, or if they live on one side of the world or the other. All they need is an Internet connection to find us. Even better, all they need is our website to discover the entire Cosmos. Our website helps sharpen their minds and teach them about the wonders of the galaxy, without ever leaving their computer. We thought that this was a very fitting way to look at it. Creating a website meant we could capture and harness the entire Cosmos into one little website for anyone to get to. Now, instead of needing to travel all the way across the country to find a museum or even access to expensive periodicals and research, regular people can see stunning images of space or read news about shuttle launches and other neat endeavors. It’s hard to believe that a simple website could make all that possible, but we created ours so that it could be.