The Most Amazing Images of Distant Galaxies

By   September 6, 2015

Distant Galaxies

Distant galaxies are something that many people have been interested in for a number of years. The truth is, it wasn’t really that long ago that most people thought that they understood a great deal about space and the planets that surround us. However, that theory has been crushed by emerging knowledge of all of the different distant galaxies that exist. Things are constantly changing when it comes to the knowledge of outer space. In fact, many of the distant galaxies that are talked about in this article are thought to have been developed shortly after the Big Bang occurred. However, it is only now that people are beginning to develop the technology that is required to detect these galaxies. It is part of the process of education that is associated with learning more about the cosmos.

Breathtaking Beauty

This is an interesting image that shows what appears to be a number of different stars clustered together into a single area. Although it really looks nothing like the Milky Way galaxy, you could think of it in much the same way. The difference is that it is so far away that it would take several lifetimes for an individual to reach the area, provided that the technology to get there even existed. It is interesting to note that such beauty lies so far beyond anything that could have ever previously been imagined. Yet, it does exist in all of its beauty.

This spectacular view from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the rich galaxy cluster Abell 1689. The huge concentration of mass bends light coming from more distant objects and can increase their total apparent brightness and make them visible. One such object, A1689-zD1, is located in the box — although it is still so faint that it is barely seen in this picture. New observations with ALMA and ESO’s VLT have revealed that this object is a dusty galaxy seen when the Universe was just 700 million years old.
This is one of the most unique galaxies in existence, not to mention one of the most beautiful. It looks more like an exquisite painting than it does a photograph of a distant galaxy. To look at it, it actually looks like you are seeing billowing clouds that are almost sun-kissed, all against the backdrop of a blue sky. It is nothing short of amazing to realize that this type of beauty can exist in a galaxy that is so far away that it was not even known to exist just a few short years ago.galaxy
This is a striking photographs that almost looks like a storm brewing in the distance. It comes closer to viewing bolts of lightning converging together than anything else, but it could be anything from an emerging star to a distant planet. One thing is certain, the photograph itself is beautiful and it definitely gets your attention right away. Furthermore, the possibilities are endless that there could be more of these types of galaxies out there somewhere.

Learning More

Scientists are constantly learning more and more about the universe. As they do, it becomes much more evident that there is still a lot more to be learned than there is knowledge that is already understood. It is an exciting time for anyone that wants to learn more about the cosmos because it gives them the opportunity to find out new and interesting things that have never been discovered before.

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